An Interview with Jennifer Faye

Hi. 🙂 Thanks so much for having me. So excited to be here and be able to share a little about my new releases.

Tell us about your current series.

Whistle Stop - FB Banner 3My ongoing series is called Whistle Stop Romances. It is set in the small Southwest town of Whistle Stop. The books aren’t necessarily cowboy books although some heroes most definitely are. The books are about the residents of Whistle Stop, no matter their profession, from rancher to baker to hairdresser. The quirky town has hit upon a stretch of economic hardship and people are moving away to finds jobs. But there are others that want to make the town vibrant again…if only they knew how.

The latest release in the series, A MOMENT ON THE LIPS, is a bakery romance. Piper Noble owns the Poppin’ Fresh Bakery in the town square and she’s about to get a next door neighbor, Joe Montoya. He plans to open the Fill-It-Up-Joe Coffeehouse. Sparks fly when these two are together and when they’re paired up to co-chair Whistle Stop’s Autumn Fest, things get real interesting.

What is your favorite part of writing?

Having a release for my overactive imagination. I can’t imagine not writing. There are so many characters and scenarios in my mind just waiting to get out. If only there were more hours in the day.

What is your least favorite part of writing?

Where do you get the ideas for your stories?

Believe it or not, in the shower is my number one place to sort out ideas for books or scenes. It is relaxing and my mind just wonders. Usually by the time I step out of the shower, I know what I’m going to write next. Sometimes when I get a really good idea and I’m afraid of losing it, I’ll rush to my computer dripping wet and type out the idea before I lose it. Thankfully that doesn’t happen very often as my laptop isn’t real happy about my hair dripping onto the keyboard. 😉

AMomentOnTheLipsWhat is most difficult for you to write?  Characters, conflict or emotions?  Why?

The opening chapters by far are the most difficult for me. It’s like meeting someone new and trying to find mutual ground. It takes a bit to get comfortable with each other and for the conversation to flow smoothly. Well, it’s the same way with me and new characters. We have to get to know each other. By the middle of the book, my fingers are flying. I am comfortable and so are the characters. After I reach the end, I know so much more about the hero and heroine. So then I go back to the beginning and rework it, striking a balance between forward momentum and enough backstory to ground the reader in the character’s world. And when it all comes together, it’s like magic. 😉

What sort of promo do you do? Do you have help?

I have a periodic newsletter that goes out whenever I have a book related bit of news to share whether it’s a special sale, a newsletter only giveaway, a special opportunity or a new release. I try to give my newsletter subscribers first dibs on everything book related. And if I have special opportunities such as openings on my book crew or extra autographed books, they are the people I go to first. They are amazing with their support and friendship.

I must admit with an increase in book deadlines that it’s getting increasingly difficult to keep up with all of the promo, but I do my best. I do blog posts/interviews with new releases. And I’m on Facebook daily except for weekends when it’s hit or miss depending on what the family has planned. And I blog frequently on Hearts & Scribbles. I have a lot of fun blogging, I just wish I had more time to do it.

Having achieved your goal to be a published author, what is the most rewarding thing?     

getPartThe readers!!! Hands down. I have met some of the loveliest people after they’ve read one of my books and sent me notes. They can bring tears to my eyes with their kind words. I can never tell them what their support means. It definitely helps me get through some of the challenging parts of a writer’s life.

In fact my November release, THE PRINCE’S CHRISTMAS VOW, is dedicated to my readers. After reading the first book in the duet, A PRINCESS BY CHRISTMAS, they wrote to me asking for the crown prince’s story. I forwarded those requests to my editors. In the end, my writing schedule was juggled in order for me to write the prince’s story for this Christmas. And it’s in large part thanks to my readers. 🙂

Will you share some encouraging words for authors still struggling for that first contract? 

Don’t ever let go of your dream. They really do come true. Look at me. I’d wanted to be a published author for more years than I care to count. For five and half years, I kept knocking on Harlequin’s door and taking advantage of all the amazing opportunities they have available to writers until I got ‘The Call’ all the way from London. It was literally a dream come true. So hang in there. It will happen.

What is your next project and when will it be released?

Next up, wedding bells are about to ring out in Whistle Stop. And trust me, it won’t be your typical wedding. It will be done up in Whistle Stop style. 😉 And if that isn’t enough, there’s a mayoral election underway that’s about to become rather sticky and not from the honey fresh pastries at the Poppin’ Fresh Bakery either. 😉 For years now, Mayor Ortiz has run unopposed, but all of that is about to change. Mason Noble is about to toss his hat into the election. But will his political pursuits endanger his engagement to the beautiful Bella Nez? And are the townsfolk of Whistle Stop ready to do away with tradition? So many questions. So many changes. Keep an eye out for the fourth installment in the Whistle Stop series ~ A MOMENT TO CHERISH coming Spring 2016.

If you’re new to the Whistle Stop Romance series, for the next week, you can grab the e-book of the first book in the series, A Moment to Love, for 99 cents.

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Whistle Stop 2 - FB Post 5A MOMENT ON THE LIPS (A Whistle Stop Romance, book 3) Excerpt:

He shifted his weight from one foot to the other. “I meant it when I said you’re pretty. No, make that beautiful.” His gaze slipped to her lips, lingered, and then returned to her eyes. “Any guy would be lucky to have you in his life.”

Was this really happening? Did this total stranger say that he found her attractive? Didn’t he see all of her embarrassing imperfections? She hadn’t even bothered with any makeup that morning. And her long hair, she hadn’t done anything special with it. She’d merely pulled it back and pinned it up out of the way—her usual no-fuss hairdo.

He hooked his thumbs in the corners of his pockets. “And you have a great smile. You should do it more often.”

A warmth swirled in her chest, easing the festering wound her mother had scratched open. The morning certainly was picking up. Piper hoped this stranger would stick around for a while.

“Thank you.” Her shoulders straightened, and her smile broadened. “Now, what can I get you? If you didn’t find what you want in the case, let me know. I don’t mind special orders.” Especially for special people with the most devastating smiles.

“Actually, I’m not here to place an order. I just need a moment of your time.”

At this point, he could have more than one moment of her time…heck, he could have the rest of her morning. She gave herself a mental jerk. What was she doing letting herself fall under this stranger’s spell? No matter how good he looked, she needed to remember what happened the last time she got involved with a man. She glanced down at her naked ring finger. It hadn’t ended well—not well at all.

Piper willed herself to sound professional and not like some schoolgirl with an obvious crush. “What can I do for you?”

“I stopped by to introduce myself.” He extended his hand. “My name’s Joe Montoya.”

Montoya? There were some families by that name around town. In fact, she went to school with some. She studied his handsome face with the chiseled jawline and startlingly blue eyes. There was something vaguely familiar about him.

Her thoughts short-circuited when his long, lean fingers engulfed hers. A zing of energy raced up her arm and warmed a spot in her chest. His hold was firm but not threatening. His skin was rough against her palm, as though he was a man used to hard work.

Upon realizing their handshake had gone on longer than necessary, she grudgingly pulled her hand free. She interlaced her fingers, resisting the urge to run her hand over the goose bumps trailing up her arm.

His gaze probed her, reminding her that it was her turn to introduce herself. “Nice to meet you. I’m Piper Noble, owner of Poppin’ Fresh Bakery.”


Whistle Stop 2 - FB Post 18Welcome to Autumn Fest…sweet treats, entertaining company, and a tender romance.

Piper Noble feels like she’s going places. Her business, the Poppin’ Fresh Bakery, is a culinary success story. Next on her to-do list is expanding the bakery into the vacant shop next door…and starting a new diet, like her mom keeps nagging her to. But when Joe Montoya steps into her life, her grand plans grind to a sudden halt.

Joe’s taken a big risk returning to Whistle Stop. But with his disastrous marriage over, it’s time for a fresh start, including opening a coffee shop…and coming to terms with his troubled past. Though his neighbor Piper looks like she’ll be a big distraction in getting Fill-It-Up Joe off the ground–with her honeyed smile, curvy goodness, and her unflagging determination to grab his storefront.

However, when Piper and Joe are elected as co-chairs of a fundraising committee to help the town’s revitalization project, the hostilities must cease. Joe’s not sure about spending time with a woman who, one moment, reminds him of all the good things he’s been missing, and the next minute drives him up a wall with her stubbornness. Meanwhile, Piper’s looking for the way to this gorgeous but grouchy guy’s heart–maybe serving him one of her fresh-from-the-oven pastries could be just the right start…

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Author bio:

Award-winning author, Jennifer Faye pens fun, heartwarming romances. Step into the pages of exciting destinations with rugged cowboys, sexy tycoons & enchanting royalty. She is the author of the WHISTLE STOP ROMANCE series.

Jennifer is a two-time winner of the RT Book Reviews Reviewers’ Choice Award, has been named a TOP PICK author, and has been nominated for numerous awards.

Now living her dream, she resides with her patient husband, amazing daughter (the other remarkable daughter is off chasing her own dreams) and two spoiled cats.

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