An Interview with Charlene Wilson

Thank you so much for having me here today, Cynthia. It’s a real treat.

One_for_Kami_cover_5_2700x1800_2How did you get started writing?

Like so many, I wrote little stories or poems when I was young, and shared them with my friends. Bless them, they had to live through it all and some actually asked what was next. But what gave me the spark, “Hey, I might could do this,” was a High School teacher that actually wrote Has Potential on my paper and shared it with the class. After that, I was a sponge for anything having to do with writing fiction. I sought out any class I could take.

What genre(s) do you write in and why?

Back then, it was Sci-fi, Fantasy, anything I could fit my imagination into…which was far out there stuff. Quirky and fun. Now, I still lean toward those genres, though I do have some contemporary stories in the works. My imagination still rules much of my writing.

Tell us about your current series.

My Chronicles of Shilo Manor series tells the stories of the three Shilo brothers, Cole, James, and Vincent. They are from the ancient dimension, Meridian, but serve in Cornerstone Deep as Sentinels. Problem is, they’ve served there longer than any Sentinel has served a post and have slowly adapted to the ways of the people there…some not so good.

In book one, Cornerstone Deep, Cole, who has lost his soul mate and believes he’ll never have her again because they also believe rebirth of souls only exists on their plane, runs into Anna who has been chosen as a harvest subject to serve a nobleman. He finds out not only does reincarnation exist on Cornerstone Deep, when he answers her soul’s call with a kiss—which confuses the hell out of him why he would do such a thing—he also binds her soul. This catapults a series of events that turn into the Chronicles of Shilo Manor series.

Tell us a little about your latest book.

My latest title, One for Kami, is a Science Fiction Romance short story and was released December 21, 2012.

Kami and Ian are from dimension Two-Eight-Five. That realm is under strict control when it comes to marriage and offspring. In an attempt to recover from economic disaster, the elite men are required to take three wives, one elite and two from the devastated lower class. They must have as many children as will come to them and spread the wealth through inheritance, while the lower class may only take one wife and have one child. Though this proved to be helping the plane recover, Kami can’t abide by the law.

She was sure Ian was from the lower class. After all, what member of the elite chooses peanut butter sandwich pic-nicks by the river and plays with a scruffy dog with a knotted sock? She’s so upset at the fact he’s elite and will be required to take two more wives that she leaves Two-Eight-Five and Ian behind to find a true love that will want her alone. Dimension Three-Two-Three looks like the perfect place to begin her search, but what she finds has her questioning her resolve.

And Ian has an agenda of his own…

What are you currently working on?

Aumelan is the amazing story I’m working on now. Three books are written with the fourth half way finished; Aumelan, World Beneath the Rock, Waters of Tiger Rod, and Kingdom, Rise. I’m revising book one right now for submission in the spring. This story is so unique I’m having a difficult time finding another to compare it to.

Here’s the series blurb:

Freedom is a gift, but a luxury not all possess. How far should one go to secure life when it hangs in the balance every few days? Breach another’s freewill? How far should an ally go to help both peoples affected by such a plight?
When Salana meets Chad, she’s faced with the unbelievable, a man who must take energy from a host to survive. But he’s not the only one; the entire Tsosey Nation is plagued with this unusual need, the strong yet meek Chamber people having submitted to serve them through the centuries.

Chad’s desire to find answers to his people’s inability to produce life-sustaining energy brings him out of the vast caverns of the World Beneath the Rock to the World of the Sun. Amazing truths unfold, but are the Tsosey and Chamber people ready to accept what those truths hold?

A story of love, devotion, and courage, Aumelan introduces us to a world where hearts and souls unite, to create a world where freedom is a gift for all and love between two peoples is possible.

Where do you get the ideas for your stories?

The Chronicles of Shilo Manor and Aumelan series both fanned from dreams. Chapter three of Cornerstone Deep is practically step for step of what happened to start that story with other scenes littered throughout. Aumelan is filled with scenes from the vivid dream I had of those people, and Chad, Salana, and Dee (Chad’s host) haven’t been shy about telling me everything that should go on in their story. One for Kami was an erotic short story experiment that went horribly wrong. Lol! The story turned out terrible! I sat back and said, “Okay, Kami and Ian, you run this show. I obviously got it all wrong.” What came to me were two romantics that both searched for that special One and were willing to give everything up to find and keep him/her. They made me smile with how their story turned out, and I hope they make you smile too. *smile*

Do you have critique partners?

I have a couple wonderful critique partners that I’m in touch with almost every day. When it comes to critiquing each other’s works, we’re brutal, despite our friendship. We’re all striving to become better writers and sugaring up and ignoring what needs to be fixed due to not wanting to hurt someone’s feelings only results hurting their progress. I love my critique partners. They’re priceless.

How likely are people you meet to end up in your next book?

My characters are themselves, but they possess bits of a lot of people I know. Tapping a finger, scrubbing the back of their heads, snorting when they laugh, plastered smile… Yeah, they might be from people I know. *smile*

What do you have planned for the future?

Aumelan is next to submit, but I do have some titles sitting in the wings to work on. Tam, and Treacle Tart are YA titles I look forward to finishing. Sunday and Crimson Peace are novellas that have been pulling at my mind lately, too. But, book three of the Chronicles, Cornerstone Deep Destiny, and book two of Aumelan, World Beneath the Rock, need to be soon coming.

Having achieved your goal to be a published author, what is the most rewarding thing?

The most rewarding thing is to have my stories loved by others, my characters to touch their hearts as much as they do mine, and my daughters to be proud of Mom. *smile*

Do you have any words of inspiration for aspiring authors?

Never give up and…

“Believe in the magic that’s in you, its potential, what it can achieve. But most of all believe in yourself and create a world where dreams become reality.”—Charlene A. Wilson *wink*

One for Kami

A gust of wind lifted his black hair to dance around his face. The cheery motion seemed to mock his lips as they dipped into a deep frown. “If it were up to me, I’d have only you. Can’t you believe that? I’ve waited, pushed the age limit to wed, looking for the right one to be my first. My first, Kami. The others will never mean what you do to me.”
“If you really love me, you’d want me alone. No other. Period.” Frustration bubbled in her chest at her misconception of their love.

He tilted his head and bit his lips together. “I can’t help that I was born an elite. If it were possible…”

“If it were possible, what? You’d give up your birthright and join the ranks of the vagabonds who can’t afford food for the one wife and child they’re allowed? Or you’d buck the system and refuse to wed the other two? That would only land you earthbound, exiled to a foreign dimension, and stripped of everything but the clothes you wear. And while you’re considering it, I’d advise you to wear a thick coat and heavy boots because I hear they choose some pretty rough climates for those who refuse to live by this law.”

The sarcastic response rolled off her tongue before she realized it, but she didn’t care. It wasn’t right. None of the counsel’s decisions on eliminating poverty was. The lower class weds one spouse and bears only one child while the elite must choose three and produce as many offspring that would come to them? It was absurd. Find another way to spread the wealth than through inheritance.

She looked at him, and her voice rose with her exclamation. “I can’t stay here and conform to the laws of this dimension. Not when I know there are other places that don’t require such things. I need the freedom to love whomever I want whoever they are, without the stipulation of a quota. And if that means transferring, then that’s what I’ll do.”
“If your mother was alive…”

“Well, she’s not.” Kami scowled. She had expected him to try to bring her mother into this, but it hurt just the same. “But, I can’t believe she wouldn’t want me to be happy. She was one of a quota, Ian, one that had only one child. Father’s attention stayed on the others.”

Ian’s broad shoulders lifted as he took a deep breath and sent his gaze back to the trees.
“I’m leaving for a six-month stay in Three-Two-Three. With me gone, you’ll be free to start your family before you turn twenty-five. I won’t stand in your way to fulfill your obligation. You’ll have time to find a woman that will happily live by the law.” Her voice lowered to a mumble. “And I won’t have to see you do it.”

Ian’s heavy brow furrowed and his dark lashes narrowed his gaze. “And what will happen if you find someone while you’re there? That realm doesn’t know we exist, Kami. What will you tell him when you leave every six months to come back to renew your travel rights?”
“When I choose someone, it will be because our love is true. He’ll understand I need some time away.”

His mouth dropped open and he shook his head. “What love that’s true has those kinds of secrets?” A scowl crossed his face and he drew his hand through the air. “And what makes you think a love there would be truer than my love here?”

“They choose only one. They pledge their hearts and it lasts a lifetime.”

“Promises can be broken whichever realm you’re in.” Orange and yellow leaves scattered as he marched across the small tract and sunk to the ground before her. Taking her hands in his, he looked into her eyes. “Stay here. Marry me. Be my elite choice. There can be only one first time, and I want it to be you. Let it be enough.”

char_mtn_2_2About the Author

Charlene A. Wilson is an author of paranormal tales that take you away to other dimensions. She weaves magic, lasting love, and intrigue to immerse you into the lives of her characters.
She began writing in her early teens when her vivid dreams stayed with her long after she had them. The characters and worlds were so amazing, she brought them to life through her books. You can meet them now in her series, Chronicles of Shilo Manor, and soon in her series, Aumelan.

She resides in a small community in Arkansas, USA, with her two beautiful daughters, a gray cat, Chester, and a fluffy black dog, KooJo.

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