An Interview with Allegra Gray

Please help me welcome Allegra Gray to my blog today. Allegra is honoring us with the cover reveal for her next book, THE DEVIL’S BARGAIN.

AllegraGray_NothingButTrouble_800px_2If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be, and why?

Well, I love my home overlooking the mountains. I’m really lucky. So, I wouldn’t necessarily want to live somewhere else, but I DO wish I could teleport myself…that way I could see the world and still come home to Colorado.

Have you had other careers before becoming a writer?

Oh, yeah. I was an active duty officer in the U.S. Air Force, have taught college English, managed contracts in the Middle East, am currently a landlord, and even (long ago) been a computer game tester. I still work in the defense industry as well…though if some of my carefully-laid plans come to fruition, I hope to have more time to focus on writing soon!

How many books have you written? Do you have a favorite?

I’ve written 4 books. 3 are available now; the 4th will be out before Christmas. My favorite is always the one I’m about to write next.

Tell us about your current series/WIP.

I just finished my “Daring Damsels” trilogy with the publication of Nothing But Trouble last month. I really enjoyed working on that book…one of my favorite secondary characters, Charity Medford, finally gets her own story. It was challenging, though, because in the previous two novels, I subjected her to some pretty rough times, so by the time she gets her own story, she’s got some scars that she tries to hide under her normally-perky attitude. Basically, she’s suffering from what we would recognize today as PTSD, but since the novel is set in Regency England (and Scotland), there’s no such term. She’s afraid of people discovering her “madness” and condemning her for it. In a society where women’s behavior was strictly scrutinized, this puts her under some serious pressure. To show how she deals with that, and still has the courage to pursue life and love, was very satisfying.

Next up, I’m finishing some edits on a medieval romance that has been on the back burner for way too long, and then I’ll be working on a new trilogy…one that is unusual in that the books are set in different time periods, but are connected by some historical events and artifacts that play a role in the characters’ lives.

AllegraGray_TheDevilsBargain2_800px_2What is your next project and when will it be released?

My next project is a medieval romance called The Devil’s Bargain. It will be available in early December.

What is your writing routine like?

Usually I write for a couple hours each evening after the kids go to bed. On the rare weekend I don’t have tons of family commitments, I cloister myself in my office for hours. It’s not a lot of time, so I try to make good use of whatever time I get.

Having achieved your goal to be a published author, what is the most rewarding thing?

Having readers come back asking for more. I still remember one message from a woman a few years ago who told me she had to keep sending her kids outside to play so that she could keep reading my book!

Allegra_Gray_2_2Where can readers find you?

Facebook is the best place to find me. I hang out there frequently (though slightly less on weekends or vacations). I also have a website,, where you can find info on my books, excerpts, and (sometimes) upcoming appearances.

Where can readers find your books? Print/Ebook?

See the links below. The first two books are available at all major ebook retailers. Nothing But Scandal is still available in paperback as well (Nothing But Deception is harder to find in paperback, though limited copies are available on Amazon). Nothing But Trouble, my latest release, is currently exclusive to Amazon as an ebook, but will be available at all major ebook retailers by mid-December.

Do you have any upcoming FREE promotions you would like to tell us about?

I will have some free promotions and a couple book giveaways coming up towards the holiday season. The best way to be the first to know about them is to sign up for my newsletter. I only announce new releases and promotions where one of my books is available for free, so you won’t get bombarded with petty detail. If you are interested, please go to my website and the sign up form is right on the main page:

Where can we find your books?

They are all on Amazon. Here are the links.

Nothing But Trouble
Nothing But Deception
Nothing But Scandal

14 thoughts on “An Interview with Allegra Gray

  1. Hopping in to wave hello to Cindy and Allegra, and to tell readers to pick up NOTHING BUT TROUBLE. I read this book in draft form and it was THAT good. Charity is my favorite character out of the Daring Damsel Series. She truly is Daring, and Allegra Gray, and her impressive background, knows her stuff and fits it into the story seamlessly where you’re completely lost in the era. Congratulations, Allegra, I’ve already purchased my book!

  2. Awww, Donnell, thank you for the lovely compliments. I just saw that Robin posted the cover of your upcoming release…it looks very suspenseful! Is it a story I know, or something new?

  3. Hello there, Allegra! I have read your first two books and Charity’s story is in my TBR stack. Your next trilogy sounds very intriguing. (Especially the idea of artifacts linking the stories.) I wish you a ton of success so you can get more time at home to write.:)

  4. Always happy to see a fellow ex-Air Force Officer (I retired in 1988) authoring novels! With our military experience we can bring something to the table few others have the background in and it sounds like you have many varied life experiences from which to draw for your books. Wishing you the best of luck with your writing.

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