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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00009]How did you get started writing?

I started out as a graduate student of European historian, but my imagination kept getting the better of me—as did my urge for a happy ending. So, while at home with my newborn, I decided to give it a go. I had so much fun. My first romance novel was a historical regency, but soon enough I was branching out to contemporaries and science fiction romance. I’m so glad I did. 

What genre(s) do you write in and why?

I am currently writing a sexy sci-fi romance series called The Condemned. Book One, TRAPPED, is available for  pre-order now. Book Two, TAKEN, will release in August. The series takes place on the brutal prison planet Dragath25 and is chocked full of sexy convict bad-boys and equally tough resourceful heroines. Full of raw lust, love, and danger, the post-apocalyptic series is amazing to write.

I also have a hot new contemporary coming out with Entangled this summer. A smoldering story about a cynical businessman and the ex-con artist framed for a crime she didn’t commit, Belong To Me is filled with romance, drama, and a dash of suspense as well.

I truly love writing in different genres. Though I usually write one book at a time, shifting between genres allows me to stay fresh and engaged. Plus, sometimes I want to revel in the drama of the present day and sometimes I need the dark thrill of a post-apocalyptic era. 

Tell us about your current series. 

My current series is centered on the Condemned, humans from Earth who have been sentenced by the Council Command to live and die on the notorious penal planet Dragath25. Though most of the Condemned are brutal rapists and murderers, some are not. Some were once honest men and women. Some were liars and criminals who skirted the law. Some were decent people twisted by their current brutal existence. None deserve to end their days on Dragath25, fighting to keep themselves safe from vicious criminals, dangerous local predators, and vicious threats. But sometimes salvation is possible. Sometimes lust and raw need can lead to far more. And sometimes redemption, healing, and even love is achievable, even on Dragath25.

In the first book, TRAPPED, when Bella West crash lands on penal planet Dragath25, the only thing standing between her and a mass of brutal criminals is one of their own, a ruthless loner known only as 673. But what starts out as a desperate trade based on protection and raw lust soon blossoms into a scorching need that will push them both to the edge.

In the second book, TAKEN, Ana Davies is abducted and imprisoned within a labor camp deep within Dragath25’s core, a sweltering maze of caves overrun by brutal prisoners-turned-slaves. Her only chance for survival? A fellow-prisoner with his own reasons for wanting her dead. But raw, blood-pounding need is a potent force. And even the best-laid plans can be laid to waste, especially on Dragath25.

Though the third in the series is still in the early stages, I have many more characters demanding their due. Then, there’s Earth, a post-apocalyptic planet plagued by famine and blight where the corrupt Council Command reigns supreme. Suffice to say, there are numerous conflicts, love interests, and sexy heroes and heroines I can’t wait to explore.

What is your next project and when will it be released?

My next project is a contemporary romance to be released this summer through Entangled’s Indulgence line. Full of emotion, drama, and passion, BELONG TO ME was pure pleasure to write. I can’t wait to share it with everyone.

What is your typical day like?

I’m part mom, part author so I spend my day trying to balance both. I get the kids off to school and then settle down to write for a few hours. Then, it’s back to chauffeuring and trying to interpret teenage grunts.  I feel truly lucky to have the time to do both, though there are many days I’m certain I’ve done neither well. Case in point, there are many, many jokes in my house about trying to talk to me while I’m staring blankly into space. And the number of times I’ve burned a meal? Too high to count.

How much time do you spend promoting your books?  What works best for you?

Since I’m a relatively new author I don’t spend a lot of time promoting my books. I’ve been told by authors with far more experience that the best use of a new authors’ time is to write, write, write and so that’s what I’m doing. Of course, that doesn’t mean I’ve done nothing promo-wise. I’ve posted information about my books releases on my own facebook and twitter feeds, posted on a few free facebook promo sites, done a blog tour (including coming here today J ), and put my first book in the Condemned Series up on NetGalley for review.  I suspect when I have more books under my belt, I will experiment with free and reduced price promotions as well.

But my favorite non-writing activity is interacting with my readers. I don’t think I could ever have predicted how their passion and enthusiasm would fuel and inspire me. I’ve been awed by how generous my readers are with their time and their encouragement and when I hear that someone couldn’t put my story down or fell hard for one of my heroes or can’t wait to read what’s coming next, I feel energized to keep going, even through the hard writing days.

 How has your experience with self-publishing been?

I’m new to self-publishing and some times find all the details—from writing, to marketing, to promoting and everything in between—to be daunting (especially as my tech skills are far from impressive), but it’s also incredibly liberating to be able to be involved in everything from the cover look to the blurb to how the book is categorized in the bookstore. And though I have had plenty of stumbles already (I somehow made my book go live when I was only trying to set up the pre-order), I learn from each mistake. It’s also the case that the self-publishing community is one of the most helpful, open, supportive communities I’ve been lucky enough to be part of—and that is always energizing and comforting.  

Do you have a view in your writing space?  What does your space look like? 

I don’t know if it’s good or bad to admit, but my most common morning writing space is my bed. It’s been that way since elementary school. There’s just something about settling into my cozy pillows that allows me to both focus and take creative risks. Plus, my dog snuggles right up to my side and allows me to pet him when I need to feel as if I’m doing something while mulling over a plot point. However, if I’m able to get some writing time in the afternoon, I usually gravitate toward the kitchen table or the sunny windows in the living room. Wherever I write my uniform is always the same: pjs. I can only imagine what my mailwoman thinks I’m doing with my days.

What genres are you drawn to as a reader?

I’m as all over the map in the books I read as those I write. I read literary fiction, thrillers, mysteries, historical fiction as well as non-fiction, but I read romance the most. Contemporary romance, historicals, science fiction romance, fantasy romance, romantic suspense, new adult, erotica, western romance—I love it all!  If the story grabs me, I’m sold. No matter the genre. And the same goes for my favorite authors. I don’t care what genre they write in. If I love them, I’ll read it. I know and trust their stories, their characters, and their instincts—and I’ve never been disappointed yet.

What’s next for you?

More books. More romance. More chances to engage with readers and give them the kind of stories for which they’re looking.

Thank you all for letting me come and talk with you today. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to get in touch through one of the myriad of links below. And I sincerely hope that if you do decide to read one of my books, you’ll get in touch to tell me what you think. I’d love to hear from you.

 I also want to thank Cindy too for letting me come and blog about myself today. I’m a big fan of her western romances and it’s always an honor and a great thrill to ride the blog coattails of someone you respect and admire.  All the best, Alison

Release date: March 1, 2016

Sub-genre promoting: SciFi/Fantasy Romance

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Recently Awarded Top Reader Pick by Night Owl Review….

A tale of unbridled desire, stunning sacrifice, and unwavering love, Trapped is an action-packed, sexy sci-fi romance that takes you to the brink of oblivion on a prison planet where only the strong survive….

Cadet Bella West has one simple objective when she joins the scientific mission to Dragath25, the notorious penal planet housing Earth’s condemned. Earn the credits necessary to save her family from starvation. But when her shuttle crashes and the majority of her crew perish, her simple mission becomes complicated fast. Now, to stay alive she’ll have to depend on one of Dragath’s own. But such protection doesn’t come free.

Convicted of a crime he didn’t commit, 673 has become more beast than man after eight grueling years on an unforgiving, hazardous planet of dirt and rock—and even more treacherous inhabitants. He doesn’t look out for anyone but himself and he certainly never grows attached. So when the bold female offers him pleasure in return for protection, he takes the deal without hesitation. He never expects how her touch will alter him. Or the growing realization that saving her may be the key to his own salvation.

But as dangers mount and their ‘simple’ deal unravels will he prove to be her surprise savior or her ultimate downfall? Because caring for someone on Dragath25 may prove the greatest hazard of all.

The first book in the Condemned Series, Trapped has a HEA and can be read as a stand-alone.


A splash sounded. Powerful ripples washed against her back like a surging tide. He was coming for her.
She whirled and discovered small bubbles on the surface of the water. An inky cloud of red and brown streamed in all directions followed by foamy white. Then a dark head broke the surface and he was standing before her, waist high in the water, a mud man no more.
Her mouth opened on a tiny o.
Without the dirt, dark, thick hair, shorn close to his scalp, was now visible. Along with olive skin, a wide forehead, low brows, firm lips, and a square jaw. Tiny droplets left his long lashes spikey while rivulets of water tracked over chiseled cheekbones down his sculpted chest and abdomen to a small trail of dark hair that snaked from his belly button to disappear into the water. Scars of various length and width tracked across miles of pure, hard muscle.
My God, mud man was a flesh and blood man—an incredibly masculine one. If she’d met him at the Academy or the barracks on Earth, she would have been unable to stop staring. He was that beautiful.
Then his hand shot out and her daze shattered.
With a hiss, she stumbled back.
One dark eyebrow rose. “Here.”
She looked down to see a small white bar in his hand.
“It’s soap.” His tone was brusque. “The drones dump trash from Earth. Use it.”
“Thank you.” It took all her courage to reach out and take the bar from his hand. “I—I’ve never used it before. The Academy only allows lasers for cleaning. The use of water was banned a long time ago.” She stopped short. 
Of course, he knew that. He wasn’t from some distant galaxy. He was from Earth. He just wasn’t welcome there anymore.
His lips flat lined. “I’ve been here a while, but not as long as that.”
Was that a joke? His expression offered no clue.
“Of course.” Hands shaking, she took the soap and rubbed it against her arm. The blood stayed put. She rubbed harder.
She hadn’t expected this…this talking. Or the kindness of a bath—with soap. It was confusing.
“You need the water to make it work.” Rough hands reached out and took the soap, dunking it under the water, making that same foamy circle she’d seen before.
“Turn around.” His voice had gone husky again.
That overworked heart of hers started up double time once again. Her feet remained planted where they were.
He waited for longer than she would have expected before he spoke again, his jaw locked tight. “Anything?” It was a reminder. A reproach. A challenge.
And her last chance to change her mind.
Her eyes sunk shut.  I can do this. I need to do this.
She whirled around, bracing for a grab. A strike. But the deliberate slow glide of a calloused fingertip down the bumps of her spine slammed through her with more force than any blow.
© 2015 | Kristina Sherk Photography |

© 2015 | Kristina Sherk Photography |

About the Author

Alison Aimes is the award-winning author of the sexy sci fi romance series the Condemned as well as the sizzling contemporary romance Billionaires’ Revenge series. A sci fi fanatic with a PhD in Modern History, she’s an all over the map kind of woman whose always had a love for dramatic stories and great books, no matter the era. Now, she’s creating her own stories full of intrigue and passion, but always with a happy-ever-after ending. She lives in Maryland with her husband, two kids, and her dog. When not in front of the computer, she can be found hanging with family and friends, hiking, trying to turn herself into a pretzel through yoga, listening to a fabulous TED talk, or, last but not least, sitting on the couch imagining her characters’ next great adventures.

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