Rashda Khan and genies!

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I write genie romances because I grew up in Bangladesh (in Asia) on spine-tingling stories involving ghosts and genies, from folktales to The Arabian Nights. So when I decided to write paranormal romances, I chose dashing djinns (pronounced “gin” it is what people in the East call genies) as heroes and sometimes heroines.

My most recent release, A Tale of Two Djinns, is an exotic Romeo & Juliet tale with warring genies, feminists, kick-ass action and sexy adult fun.

Akshay (Shay for short), warrior prince of the earth djinns, earns the title of Crown Prince at a high cost when he loses his best friend in a battle against ancient enemies, the water djinns. Heartsick, he escapes to Earth to mourn.

Nothing gets the biological clock ticking (and elders lecturing) like almost dying in battle, so Maya, princess of the water djinns, travels to Earth for some no-strings-attached sex to fulfill her duty and produce an heir. But the beautiful and tough warrior gets more than she bargained for when she meets Shay.

Their not-so-simple one-night stand is interrupted by assassins and the world, as they know it, is changed forever. As Maya and Shay pull together to survive, both are determined to have their happily-ever-after and bring peace to their worlds — warring families, shadow assassins, and nosy busybodies be damned.

My parents, the original lovebirds in my life, are the reason why I love writing romances and Happily-Ever-After endings. So, A Tale of Two Djinns is dedicated to my late dad and my mom, and to honor them I’m donating 50% of the proceeds to UNICEF for education. So I hope you’ll check it out. And if you’ve read it, please tell others about it!

A Tale of Two Djinns is available at: Amazon      B&N Smashwords

Meanwhile, here’s a sample for you:

Patthar had died protecting him, now the water djinns would pay.

Akshay threw back his head and released his anger into the wind. A raw, primal roar ripped out from deep inside, charged from his throat. He called the molewyrms with vengeance.

Thunder roared back in answer. Rain spattered his skin like tears. The ground beneath his feet shook. What started as a faint tremble broke into bone-shuddering quakes. The earth split its seams and spat out mud balls and stone.

The rhaksha lurched in place, eyes wide with fear. Akshay leapt forward, slicing down with his sword.

With an ear-piercing howl, the mountain of ugly fell backward, landed with a wet splat. The air around the creature wavered and reality hiccupped. Instead of an ungainly rhaksha, a most uncommon woman lay in the mud.

A female in the battlefield? What the hell? Breath rushed out of Akshay. He twisted his descending blade at the last second so that it sliced through the fleshy part of her right arm instead of her throat. A muted cry of pain escaped from between her full lips.

Silver armor, like glittering fish scales, covered her head and slim body and, damn, she had legs that just kept going. Double damn, he’d always been a leg man. His gaze jerked back up and met terrified whiskey-colored eyes set in an elfin face of the most delicate blue of a robin’s egg.

Tremors wracked the battlefield as more molewyrms tore out of the ground. One appeared so near that a shower of mud covered Akshay from head to toe. When he’d wiped the grime of his face, the woman had vanished.


Author Bio

Rashda/Mina Khan is a Texas-based writer and food enthusiast. She is Rashda the food columnist by day and Mina the romance author by night. She grew up in Bangladesh on stories of djinns/genies, ghosts and monsters. These childhood fancies now color her fiction. Her debut novella, THE DJINN’S DILEMMA was published November 2011. A second novella, A TALE OF TWO DJINNS, came out March 2012. Meanwhile, she’s busy working on a third story.


You can find her at:

Facebook Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/Mina.Khan.Author

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5234352.Mina_Khan

Blog: http://minakhan.blogspot.com/

Twitter: http://twitter.com/SpiceBites


Now for the giveaway…drumroll please:

You can win a Kindle or Nook version of my first novella, an erotic paranormal romance published by Harlequin, THE DJINN’S DILEMMA, plus some cool genie swag — a signed postcard featuring the cover of A Tale of 2 Djinns, a genie lamp key chain and a packet of wildflower seeds.

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  1. I am really enjoying the various djinns. I like how that can come into our plane. So what happens if a human accidently appears in the land of djinn? Oooh, I feel a story coming out soon. Keep writing.

  2. I am really excited to check out your book; I love the idea of Genie’s in a story!! I am going to facebook you and check you out on goodreads as well as twitter!! I have them all!!LOL

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