A Visit with Lisa Olech

Within A Captains TreasureAlways a pleasure to be with you, Cynthia. I’m so excited to be releasing more of my wonderful pirates, WITHIN A CAPTAIN’S TREASURE.

  1. Tell us about your current series.

Within A Captain’s Treasure is the second book in my Captain’s of the Scarlet Night series. This five-book series follows the pirate sloop named the Scarlet Night. It spans two generations and follows many historical events including featuring women as some of the fiercest pirates to sail the seas.

  1. What inspired your latest book?Pirate Flag-CW Blog pic 1

Within A Captain’s Treasure was truly inspired by the first book, Within A Captain’s Hold. I just knew when I wrote the last chapter of book one, the story needed to continue.

  1. What is your next project and when will it be released?

The third book in the Captain of the Scarlet Night series, Within A Captain’s Fate is due to release October 10, 2016 and continues to follow the fates of the captain and crew of the Night.

  1. How likely are people you meet to end up in your next book?

*laughing* That depends—usually. I will use a name of someone more than an actual characteristic of someone I know. But writing pirates and the hard lives they live has made it necessary to kill off some characters—so, I’d be nice to me if I were you!

  1. What is the most difficult for you to write?

You would think it would be killing off characters, but no…  Can I be honest here? Truly, the most difficult scenes for me to write are the love scenes. I don’t shy aways from then as I believe physical attraction is essential to any love story. And I believe I owe it to my readers to build that sexual tension leading up to those scenes. I also believe if you’ve waited 100+ pages for the characters first encounter, it better be good! The challenge for me when writing such scenes—and doing Writing Space Summer-CW blog pic 2them well—is the under-abundance of original words for me. I simply need more words!

  1. What does your writing space look like?

I have two dedicated writing spaces. One for summer–


Winter Writing Space-CW Blog pic 3and one for winter —


I live in an old Victorian house and my “summer” space is very cold and drafty when the winter winds begin to blow. I call my winter home “the cave.” You can see why! I think I may be part bear. I tend to hibernate until spring!

  1. What are you currently working on?

I’m in the cave and happily back aboard the Scarlet Night!

  1. What do you have planned for the future?

Well, as I said, this pirate series is five books. I’m also working on a contemporary series based on an art school and its crazy cast of artists. After that? Who knows. My must isn’t talking about that yet.

Thanks again, Cynthia for letting me stop by! If any of your readers have any other questions, I’d love to answer them!


This pirate’s latest prize may be love. . .

With a single pistol shot and the swing of a cutlass, Alice Tupper saves her mistress’s life. But no lady’s maid in polite society has ever killed a duke–at least, not on purpose. So Alice sets sail for America and her new destiny–only to find herself battling pirates on the high seas. Aboard her rescue ship, The Scarlet Night, she is hailed a hero and earns her WithinACaptainsTreasureTour copyplace among the crew. . .as well as the ire of Captain Gavin Quinn.

Gavin chose this pirate’s life, but he knows it’s no place for a woman, especially one as exasperating–and beautiful–as Alice. Despite his desire for her, Gavin is determined to do the right thing and deliver her to the new world. But Alice’s deepest wish is a life by Gavin’s side. Will his heart overrule his sense, and will he risk everything to pursue his greatest treasure of all?




Author Photo 2Lisa is an artist/writer living in her dream house nestled among the lakes in New England. She loves getting lost in a steamy book, finding the perfect pair of sexy shoes, and hearing the laughter of her men. Being an estrogen island in a sea of testosterone makes her queen. She believes in ghosts, silver linings, the power of a man in a tuxedo, and happy endings.

Author’s photo courtesy of Jenny Sinclair Photography.



Kensington:  http://www.kensingtonbooks.com/author.aspx/31711

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/Lisa.A.Olech.Writer

Twitter:  www.twitter.com/LisaOlech

Goodreads: www.goodreads.com/author/show/7478599.Lisa_A_Olech

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