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MidnightWranglerBanner copy (1)Tell us about your current series, Midnight Cowboys.

Midnight Cowboys is a spinoff of my three-book Oklahoma Nights series. They’re both set in Oklahoma and the side characters cross over from one series to the next. Every book is standalone, but readers get to revisit the couples they met in previous books.

What is your favorite part of writing?

Working in my pajamas. J Actually, working from home is more than that. If I’m wide awake at 3:30 am I’ll get up and write. If I’m tired at 3 pm, I can lie down and nap. I’m not sure if that makes me more productive or less, it could be either depending on the day, but I do love having the freedom.

Where do you get the ideas for your stories?

Many of my books are inspired by real life—people, places, current events. That’s the beauty of writing contemporary stories. Everything and anything can serve as inspiration.

What inspired your latest Midnight Cowboys release, Midnight Wrangler?

I met a cowboy who was about my age, maybe a tad older, at the Professional Bull Riders Finals in Las Vegas two years ago who was named Rohn. I decided then and there I was going to write an older cowboy hero named Rohn.

Please tell my readers a little bit more about Midnight Wrangler.

Although the real life Rohn is very happily married, I needed to make my fictional hero single—actually widowed—so I could write him a love story. I decided to make it a second chances themed romance. I reunited Rohn with his first love from when he was eighteen, Bonnie. She’s the one who got away. Bonnie broke his heart a quarter of a century ago, but now she’s back in town and it’s apparent the chemistry is still there between them. Unfortunately, there’s also a big secret standing between them too . . .

What genre is Midnight Wrangler, and is that the only genre you write in?

Midnight Wrangler is a contemporary, small town romance, which is basically what I stick to writing. My books tend to feature hot alpha male heroes, but sometimes they’re wearing combat boots (in my military romances) and sometimes they’re wearing cowboy boots (for my western romances). Apparently I have a fetish for men in boots.

What is your next project and when will it be released?

I will be wrapping up the Midnight Cowboys series with Midnight Heat, on preorder now for a February 23, 2016 release. In that story readers will get to see Rohn and Bonnie, and Tyler and Janie from the first two books in the series, but Justin is the hero in the hot seat in Midnight Heat, and there’s a major twist I’m throwing in that will affect all the characters.

What’s next for you?

I recently traveled to Oklahoma to visit the real life locations I write about in my two series set there and I fell in love with the small town and the people. It was an eye opening trip and though I’m not making any promises, I’m thinking about a new series set in the area, but instead of featuring the rodeo, ranching and farming aspects of the region, I’d love to explore the oil industry, which is a huge part of the history and the economy of Oklahoma. And the young, hard-bodied oil workers I got a glimpse of were pretty hot too! So stay tuned . . .


Midnight Wrangler (Midnight Cowboys) by Cat Johnson

One Lonely Widower…

Rohn Lerner is a successful Oklahoma rancher. He’s old enough to know what he likes, and still young enough to enjoy it. But losing his wife five years ago wore him thin. He’s not ready to date, but he needs someone to share a meal with as badly as someone to warm his bed.

One Woman with a Secret…

 Bonnie Martin fled her Oklahoma home years ago, leaving behind her abusive father, and Rohn, the lost love she never forgot. Now she’s back to settle her father’s estate, but she has no idea that she’s about to bump into Rohn or that they’ll fall for each other all over again.

One Night That Changes Everything… 


“Okay, you boys about done here?”

Three sets of eyes turned to Rohn.

“Why?” Justin asked.

“Because it’s getting late and I figure you’d want to get going home.”

Tyler looked a little too interested. “I don’t have to be anywhere. In fact, I think we should run out, pick up some beer and pizzas, watch a movie and break in your new room.”

He’d never once considered they’d want to stay. Rohn’s expression must have reflected that thought.

Tyler broke out in a laugh. “Don’t worry. I’m teasing you.”

“Jeez, did you see the look on his face. He really thought we were fixin’ to stay.” Colton shook his head.

Justin moved a step closer and slapped Rohn on the back. “We’re going. Don’t worry.”

“I didn’t mean you had to—” Crap, he didn’t want them to think he wanted them to go, but he sure as hell didn’t want them to stay.

“Rohn, we know you didn’t do all this for yourself.” Justin grinned. “When a man goes to this kind of trouble, it’s got to be for a woman, and I figure the way you keep checking that there clock and your cell phone, that you’re expecting her any minute.”


Justin held up one hand to stop Rohn’s protest. “It’s okay. You don’t have to explain. Just don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

“Say hi to Miss Bonnie for us.” Colton grinned as he headed out the door with Justin directly behind him.

Rohn could try to deny it, but he knew it was pointless. Justin and Colton had already left and there was no denying what he had planned anyway. He let his chin drop and blew out a breath. Finally, he’d gathered his composure enough to look back and meet Tyler’s gaze.

Tyler was sporting a wide grin as he strode across the room toward Rohn. He handed Rohn the remote control for the television and then leaned in closer. “You need any condoms?”

Good Lord, that was the last thing he’d expected to hear from this kid. “No, thanks. I’m good.” He somehow managed to keep his voice steady so as to not let the horror he felt over this conversation show.

“A’ight. ’Cause you know, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Rohn nodded, doing his best to keep a straight face while being torn between amusement and embarrassment that this kid, nearly half his age, was lecturing him.

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A top ten New York Times and seven time USA Today bestselling contemporary romance author, Cat Johnson is known for her creative marketing practices. Cat has sponsored bull-riding cowboys, promoted romance using bologna, and owns a collection of cowboy boots and camouflage for book signings. A fair number of her research consultants wear combat or cowboy boots for a living. Sign up for new release and sale alerts at

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