An Interview with Nancy Lee Badger

I last visited with Cynthia in July where I talked about my Scotland-based novels, and she has welcomed me back to explain why I wrote IGNITE: a White Mountains Thriller, the second book in my White Mountain Thriller series. Don’t forget to read to the end, and enter to win an Autographed copy of SHIVER, the 1st book in the series!

SHIVER-areTell us about your current series.

Nancy- Many people know me for my Scottish paranormal novels, but I have voices in my head, screaming for me to write their story. SHIVER came about when I wanted a story based in the foothills of the White Mountains of New Hampshire, near the Canadian border. Since I had attended college, met my husband, got a job, bought a house, joined the local fire department, and raised two boys in such a place, it was easy. Ironically, it wasn’t until we moved to North Carolina that I actually wrote the story, and then the other, and then a third (not yet ready to publish). My series has romance, of course, but I fill SHIVER with a murder, stalkers, and terror. I use a snowstorm to makes the chills even worse. IGNITE is the opposite in that it takes place during a steamy summer, where my characters fight fires and each other. Accusations fly when a woman dies, and my hero is accused. I keep his female partner guessing, while their romance flames.

What is your typical day like?

Nancy- Everything depends on hubby. If he has a day off, it all falls apart. I feel like I should spend time with him. If he watches television, it’s usually a program I don’t care for, so I have an excuse to go in another room to write. On the days he works, I send him off with a kiss and his lunch, check emails, respond to important news, check any blogs on which I appear, or any blog guests I am hosting. I head over to Facebook to offer birthday greetings, or post news. Twitter is a time suck, so I try to hit it Wednesdays and Fridays. Once any errands outside our home are completed, I get down to writing. I wish I had a paid assistant to ‘do all that other stuff’ so all I have to do is write.

A shirtHow likely are people you meet to end up in your next book?

Nancy- LOL! I actually had a T-shirt made (see photo) and it’s true! I usually tell new writers to write what you know, which is a good place to start. Plot ideas have to come from somewhere, then you can branch off with research to write about other things. The same goes for characters. An author can gather quirks and physical attributes for their characters by watching people.

What sort of promo do you do? Do you have help?

Nancy- I am the promo queen! I love to give things away, and head to with my new book where I plan a giveaway of three autographed copies. I line up guest posts on blogs like Cynthia’s, and I tweet and post info on Facebook and my blog. I am one of four writers on and write a post once a month. I post various contests on my own blog’s contest page, and I make and hand-out bookmarks wherever I can. For most of September, I am lowering the price of the ebook SHIVER: a White Mountains Thriller to only $2.99 at Amazon, B&N, Kobo, Smashwords, iBooks, etc.

What’s next for you?

Nancy- So many ideas, so little time! I am writing a Regency Historical set in 1817, but the suspense finds my characters battling treasure hunters in southern Scotland. I will ‘pitch’ it to editors and agents, and will hope to gain someone’s attention. After my two publishers closed up shop, and with 15 books under my belt, I am at a point where representation makes sense, especially since I would love to sell foreign rights to my books. I also plan to bring out some of my Scottish time travel novels in a boxed set. I have another thriller ‘under my bed’ that is also set in the same small New Hampshire location where I set IGNITE and SHIVER.


 The author has again used her EMT, Firefighter, and 9-1-1 background to create this story. Josie Miller senses that fellow paramedic-firefighter, Pete Thayer, is hiding something behind his sketchy history. He has a reputation for one-night stands in the small town of Fairfield, New Hampshire. He doesn’t look at her that way, but Joe finds she is falling for him.

They respond to accident calls, medical emergencies, and fast-moving forest fires amid sparks of another kind. Outside influences come in to play, and Pete is accused of murder. After he professes his innocence, and their relationship ignites, her brothers intervene. A suicide note, a fight, stolen moments of love, and a desire to listen to their hearts, lead these two heroes toward a climax filled with tension, pain, bloodshed, and atonement.

A short Excerpt from IGNITE

 Gunnar bent over, grabbed Pete, and pulled him to his feet. Dazed, Thayer threw up his hands, but the sheriff tossed him across the living room, and into the kitchen.

While Pete lay sprawled and stunned, Josie ran and knelt beside him, and cradled his head in her lap. Thayer raised a hand to the back of his head and stared at the blood that coated his fingers.

“Damn,” Thayer said, before melting into unconsciousness.

Thayer’s blood pooled under his lifeless form, coating the linoleum floor and his sister’s lap. She gasped in horror, but when he started toward her, Josie screamed.

“Back off! Call 9–1–1. Get an ambulance,” Josie yelled. Tears flowed down her face and sprinkled on Thayer’s unmoving form.

Gunnar could only watch as his sister wiped away the tears and switched into paramedic mode. Backing away, he summoned help with his cell phone. Josie reached behind her and grabbed a kitchen towel. As he answered the dispatcher’s questions, she pressed down on the wound to stanch the flow, and checked his breathing. Relief flowed through him with every rise and fall of Thayer’s chest.

When Gunnar finished requesting the ambulance, Josie held out her hand.

“Give me the phone.”

He tossed it to her. Josie talked to the dispatcher while he stood nearby and rubbed his bleeding knuckles.

“I need a police officer here as well. I have a Sheriff here involved in an assault. No, he is the one doing the assaulting.”

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More About Nancy Lee Badger

After growing up in Huntington, New York, award-winning author Nancy Lee Badger attended

College in New Hampshire, married, and raised two sons in a small town in the shadow of New Hampshire’s White Mountains. She protected her neighbors in Rumney as an EMT and volunteer firefighter. After nearly a decade as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher for the State of NH 9-1-1 service, Nancy moved to North Carolina where she writes full-time, but returns with her family each fall to volunteer at the New Hampshire Highland Games. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Heart of Carolina Romance Writers, Fantasy-Futuristic & Paranormal Romance Writers, the Celtic Heart Romance Writers, and the Triangle Area Freelancers.

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  1. I love that shirt! I have one that I got my husband that says…Book Boyfriends, I’m her husband, who do you think inspires her heroes?

    The books sound amazing and on the edge of your seat reads!

  2. I look forward to reading this series. I am from that neck of the woods in northern New York. That area is more a part of Vermont & New Hampshire than the rest of New York. I was not familiar with your books and am so happy to find someone writing mysteries set in this area. I will be looking forward to your third book in the series and reading these first two.

  3. Many relatives are buried in the Poughkeepsie area, and my sons live in Vermont. I love New England and the north…hubby and I honeymooned on Prince Edward Island, Canada…but I do not miss the snow!

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