BAD GIRLS by Roxanne Rogerson

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Bad Girls
Boom_CVR_SML_2Two years ago I decided I’d had enough of being a “good girl.”

Perhaps that’s a bit strong. I wasn’t unhappy being a good girl all my life, I simply had an urge to add a little bit of “bad” into the mix.

And voilà, my career as a writer of sensuous medieval romance was born! That is to say, Anna Markland (the pen name I chose) unleashed her stories on the world, optimistically expecting to sell a handful of books.

What was bad about that? Well, the stories I published were explicit in terms of describing sexual intimacy between my characters. I feared my children might think their mom had lost her mind, but lo and behold, they were thrilled to see the naughty side of their mother! My husband even boasted he was the role model for my heroes!

And of course, the juicy sex was between consenting adults deeply in love with each other. Sigh! That’s all good!

Turns out, readers loved my style of writing, and as of this week Anna has sold over 40,000 books. Not bad!

However, there’s always a fly in the ointment, isn’t there? As if the success was too good to be true, Anna began to feel like too much of a good girl, mired down in a medieval romance rut. The naughty side of her was greedy for more, and Roxanne Rogerson emerged.


Zing_CVR_SML_2Roxanne also writes sensuous material, but her books have a more erotic flavor. They are contemporary love stories about ordinary people exploring kinky urges they may have suppressed for years.

Boom! is the often hilarious story of two people’s tentative first steps into the world of Domination and Submission. He’s the Dom, she’s the Sub. There’s suspense too when the hero unwittingly exposes the heroine to danger. He’s a private investigator tracking down a really bad villain.

Zing! (due out later this month), also ventures into the Dom/Sub culture, except this time she’s the Domme, and he’s the Sub. To make matters worse, she’s ten years older than he is! (Can’t you just see Roxanne rubbing her hands together with glee and cackling like one of Macbeth’s witches?)

Characters that readers got to know (and love) in Boom! reappear in Zing! and the suspense (and the humor) continues.

When Anna first metamorphosed into Roxanne, people’s initial reaction was, “You’re bad!” but they said it with a smile on their face, and they enjoyed her debut offering!

Is that good or bad?

Everyone knows how to spot a bad girl. She sips champagne and cocktails, not mineral water. She wears fishnet stockings, not pantyhose. She has a red mouth and nails, and wears dark sunglasses.

She’s in touch with her inner bitch because she has a Doberman with a studded collar. She wins at blackjack.

Judged by those criteria, I’m a really good girl.

But bad girls don’t just want to have fun, they make sure they do. Bad girls realize life isn’t a dress rehearsal and they make the most of it.

I love being the sensuous Anna Markland and I love being the erotic Roxanne Rogerson. Maybe someday the two will meet and pen an erotic medieval romance.

That might be a good thing!


Michael and Jessie meet in Panama. He coaxes her into the ocean. She is afraid of water.

He disappeared each time a wave broke over his head, then, to her relief, popped up, his hair plastered to his head, water cascading off his body.

Every time he resurfaced, she hoped for a glimpse as the elastic waistband rode lower and lower on his hips.

Pulling up his shorts, he beckoned, a broad smile on his face. Had he seen her almost drooling at him?

She was content to stay where the waves had spent most of their power. It was safer. There was no way she’d risk going underwater. She shook her head.

He disappeared under another wave, beckoning again when he resurfaced. She shook her head more forcefully.

Michael walked back to her. He took her hand. “Come with me. It’s exhilarating. Trust me.”

A fear she recognized as irrational skittered through her belly. She pulled back.

Michael held fast. “Come with me.”

There was no mistaking the hint of command in his voice. Reluctantly, she moved into deeper water. An enormous wave loomed. She hunched her shoulders, preparing to be swept off her feet. She would flounder, gasping for breath, panicking until her feet hit bottom again.

As the wave crested over them, Michael put his arms around her waist, lifting her to his hard body. He jumped, so their heads remained above the water, then set her down as the wave continued its journey to shore. She was wet from head to toe from the spray, but there’d been no panic, no sense of drowning.

“I told you to trust me,” Michael said, slicking wet hair off his face.

Jessie nodded, blinking away drops of seawater from her eyelashes. “I know. It’s just that I’m afraid of—”

Another wave swept them both off their feet. She flailed about, spluttering and choking, but soon felt Michael’s arms around her again. Relief washed over her.

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